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Cestopis: Tewkesbury

12 miles on busy road makes me really tired. Today, in the peace of this beautiful church, it is difficult to believe that it has seen great violence and tragedy. In 1471, after the Battle of Tewkesbury, the defeated Lancastrian soldiers seeking sanctuary in the Church, were massacred by the victorious Yorkists. The most noble victim of this outrage, Edward, Prince of Wales, is buried in the choir. By the way, Tewkesbury Abbey has been purchased by the locals from King Henry VIII. for 453 pounds. Each day Tewkesbury Abbey welcomes many visitors, some to marvel at its history, some to pray. A former Benedictine Abbey Church, consecrated in 1121 is reputed to be the second largest parish church in England, larger than fourteen cathedrals, and has the largest Norman church tower in the country. In the Abbey visitors can enjoy a rich architectural and artistic heritage, including medieval stained glass, some of the fines roof bosses in England, exquisitely sculptured tombs and chantry chapels and the 17th century Milton organ, reputedly the oldest in the country still in daily use. You can enjoy your stay in Refectory that can povide teas, coffees and delicious meals. Abbey shop situated within the Abbey and is opened daily for gifts and souvenirs. Wow, that was an ideal tip for my exciting trip!
Date:                27/03/07, morning
Route:               Gloucester - Tewkesbury and back, 24 miles (40 km)
Duration:           1hr each way, Abbey 45min.
Vehicle:            bike
Snaps:              25
Costs:               food and drinks £1.06
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